Non Pressure Roof Cleaning


Does the roof at your home or business have black streaks, lichen or moss?

If so it can be safely cleaned and removed making your roof look new again and extending its life. The black streaks are called Gloeocapsa Magma a algae that is feeding of the limestone granules on your roof and deteriorating the shingle. We use the only cleaning method that your shingle manufacturer recommends to clean and kill the plant that is causing this. No high pressure is used on your roof. Not only will you have a roof that looks new, you will have reduced energy cooling costs. By removing the black streaks its allows the shingles to reflect the sunlight and heat.

Eco-Pro specializes in NO pressure “Soft Wash” Roof Cleaning. Soft washing is the only method of roof cleaning approved by ARMA (asphalt roofing manufactures association) and the manufacture of YOUR roof shingles.

The use of a pressure washer should never be allowed on your roof! Even if they claim they know what they’re doing, or say the pressure is turned way down it will still result in unnecessary granule loss. Not to mention that you will see the algae return faster with the pressure washing method vs our soft washing method! If you value the longevity of your roof avoid pressure washing at all cost.

With 10+ years of background roofing experience Eco-Pro offers a free roof evaluation on every roof we clean! We will evaluate your roof and bring any problem areas to your attention via digital camera. We can even fix these problems, but we will NEVER sell you on ANYTHING you do not need. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for, and will do anything we can to make you happy!


Lichens plague aspalt roofs all over the north east. They are mostly found on the north side of roofs and under shady trees. Lichens are one of the most damaging things to have on your shingle roof, they feed off the limestone granules they make up the exterior composition and quickly deteriorate your shingles. Lichens should be treated at first sign to minimize the damage to your roof system.


Roof Moss

Roof moss grows extremely well in New England climates. Not only is it unslightly but very destructive to your asphalt shingles. Besides Lichen, moss is the hardest growth to remove form your shingles and should be treated at its first sign.

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